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Learn how to solve arithmetic equations easily with this amazing program
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Equation Wizard is a simple yet very useful program that, as its own name suggests, will solve arithmetic equations and will show you step-by-step how to do it. It doesn't matter if you have cubic, quadratic or linear equations, the program is able to simplify, and calculate equations, and display the process in order to show you how to solve them.
Arithmetic and algebraic expressions use symbols: square, factorial, etc., and as you know, these symbols are not present in the default keyboard of your PC. But that's not a problem, with this program you will be able to enter an equation by using the buttons on the program's interface or by pressing hot-key combinations.
Then, when you've already entered your equation, by pressing a button, the program will start to solve and simplify the operation, and the best part is that it will display the step by step of the process with explanations.
"Moving the right part of the equation", "solving the equation using the Cardano-Vieta method", "calculate the coefficients", etc., are just some examples of the sentences that the program will display while it solves equations.
Finally, on this trial version, you will be able to type up to 30 equations and see the potential of this program.

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  • It shows you how to solve arithmetic problems step by step
  • It has an clean and easy-to-use interface


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